Whether you wish to make a perfect drift in the Asphalt game or you wish to soar high with the Microsoft FSX game, it’s best to use the gamepad for android tv to feel the real gaming experience, instead of using a mouse and keyboard. Every year, new games are introduced to the android market and there was a time when games like candy crush dominated the games section. Even before the 

These gamepads give an edge-of-the-seat experience to the users and allow you to easily navigate through your android tv.

Let’s get to know about how the gamepads are used, and some of the best gamepads for android tv!

What is a gamepad for android tv?

A gamepad is similar to a joystick which allows the user to feel the gaming experience, by giving the real vibration effects of a crash or hit on the game. The gamepad allows the user to smoothly navigate through the buttons and it is very easy to use.

In the initial stages, only wired gamepads were available to play on the android tv, whereas over the years gamepad’s design and structures are evolved with similar inputs. The latest gamepads are lightweight with multiple buttons for inputs.

Gamepads compose your world of entertainment, It replaces your work on keyboard and mouse. It is very easy to navigate on the gamepad and gives you complete comfort from your couch.

Is there a gamepad for Android TV? 

Gamepads were initially made to play for games separately via PlayStation Xbox etc, and as the technology improved, gamepads are also introduced to android tv. In the modern days, android tv has more demand as it has lots of advantages and is powerful.

The android tv comes with a powerful processor, which allows the player to play even competitive games easily with the help of gamepads. These gamepads that connect with the android tv are easier to access and it replaces the usage of either keyboard or mouse in the android tv.

Gamepads connected to the android make things easy, as tv has a huge screen and can share space with fellow players and gives a more realistic experience while playing the game.

The gamepads which are designed for android tv have the following benefits for the players.

  • Easy to set up, pro-wireless, built-in battery.
  • Inputs won’t be detected as we use responsive buttons.
  • The whole tv control is in your hand.

Different brands built new models of gamepads and for high quality and best gaming effects to feel in your hand, compare the products and choose the best needed for you. 

How to connect the gamepad to android tv?

Gamepads are very easy to connect and to connect to the android tv, first the gamepad must be paired to your tv. To pair your gamepad,

Step 1: Make sure the Bluetooth connection in your TV is active.

Step 2: Switch on your gamepad and via the controller. Select the Bluetooth option and make it discoverable for other devices.

Step 3: From the Bluetooth pairing list, find your gamepad name and pair with it.

Step 4: Once pairing is done, your gamepad is connected with the tv and it is ready to use.

NOTE: In some cases, navigating and selecting the Bluetooth option, on your gamepad might be difficult. Use the product manual for more details as it will be helpful with pictorial representation.

In rare cases, you will have to set up your gamepad with the tv, before pairing it. To set up your gamepad,

  •      For three seconds, press and hold the power button,
  •      Light flashes occur to denote that the gamepad is on
  •      From your tv, select settings,
  •      Select Remote and accessories and click on the suboption add an accessory,
  •      Select your gamepad and automatically your gamepad will get paired.

Top 4 gamepads for Android tv 2021

EasySMX Wireless Game Joystick Controller

Source: Amazon

This wireless gamepad is one of the best and widely used by gamers as it is compatible with android, windows, PlayStation, tablets, and switch devices. The foremost important feature is the Bluetooth connectivity range as it covers up to 33 feet. This is a huge space that allows the player to play comfortably from his/her couch. 

To add more comfort to the gamers, this gamepad comes with an option of light buttons which have 5 different attractive color settings. Not only it gives a colorful treat to the players it also produces 5 different vibration patterns which give a real-time experience for the gamers. Although it doesn’t support PS4 or XBOX 360, the added advantage of accessing switch and android platforms via cable and OTG makes it more attractive for the users. Besides the vibration pattern, the wonderful feature of 8-way control in the directional pad gives an exciting gaming experience. 

This game is designed with a non-slip grip feature which improves stability and gives full control to the players. As a gamer, we normally use the gamepad for a long time and this gamepad comes with lithium battery support, which takes only a few hours to charge but works up to 8 hours. Even though this gamepad provides remarkable features some users feel that the Bluetooth connectivity range should be improvised, and in this case, the firm offers a replacement option for the headphone. As it is a reputed firm, the product suits well for all type of gamers and have gained the satisfaction of the gamers.

                            What we like?                            What we didn’t like?
5 different adjustable light settingsConnectivity issues
8-way point view control buttonsVery fragile
Compatible with Android versions and windows up to win10Doesn’t support Xbox 360 or Mac os

GameSir G4 Pro Wireless Switch Game Controller

When you consider what Gamesir G4 Pro wireless gamepad brings to the table, here are the key features to note.

Bluetooth, multiplatform gaming experience, type -c USB support, six-axis gyroscope for the real feel, turbo and screenshot buttons to bring the next level of the game to the players by allowing them to record the sweet memories of the game, asymmetric motor for the exact intensity of the vibration, and soft rubber grips which give comfort and stronghold to the gamepad for the players. With all these great features, the only thing that might give you a pause is the price.

Even though it is slightly priced high, this gamepad is worth to invest as it supports android phones, tablets, android tv boxes, iPhone, iPad, apple tv, Windows 7 8 10 XP PC, and Nintendo switch. This multiplatform gaming experience in one device is remarkable and also it comes with an 800mah battery which supports the gamers to play until 12 hours.

The magnetic buttons and six-axis gyroscope are some of the added special features, as the magnetic buttons help players to play easily on various platforms, and the gyroscopes support the motion control which is extremely sensitive and helps to recognize even the simplest move done by the gamers. Similar to other gamepads this one has an asymmetric motor for real-feel vibration and the main highlight of this gamepad is the turbo button and screenshot button

The Turbo button allows the player to dominate the opponent, as it increases the speed of the player and the screenshot button allows the player to record the sweetest and funny memories in the game. This gamepad has several remarkable features and still, some users have experienced poor battery backup and some have felt that it might not connect well with the apple products, and this is mainly because of poor maintenance. In this case, it won’t be a big issue as the company allows repair or replacement to the gamepad and as the company has been in gaming products for more than a decade they are trustworthy and have several satisfied customers.

                            PROS                                 CONS
Compatible with Ios, Android, PC, and switchNo proper customer support
Magnetic and customizable buttonsPairing issues happen only with Apple products
Supports type C charging portBattery life isn’t very long

GameSir T4 pro-Wireless Game Controller

Source: Amazon

This is another wonderful product of Gamersir company. This  T4 pro wireless supports android tv, android and IOS phones, Mac, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch devices.  This comes with a 600 mAh built-in rechargeable battery with the Type-C charging interface which allows not only charging, but also allows the player to use the gamepad as a wired one. This gamepad has soft rubber grips, made of ergonomic design, which is completely skidproof.

At affordable pricing, this gamepad has a six-axis gyroscope, which even reflects the smallest movement of the players in the game, four extra buttons to configure the gamepad, impressive adjustable led light on the buttons which helps the players play easily even at night, dual vibration motor to sense and give the real vibration of the game to the player, linear trigger button which allows the user to use it increase the speed of the game. 

Many customers suggested this gamepad as one of the best gamepads, as it has the best battery backup with adjustable lights but, there were some connectivity issues while pairing with devices. The good news is gamesir company provides replacement of the defective pieces and creates more happy customers. Usually, gamers buy this gamepad with low expectations as the price is cheap, but the quality of the product is at par excellence.

                            PROS                            CONS
Gives a separate phone bracketConnectivity issues
4 customizable buttons on the backNo customer support
Works on both wired and wirelessUnpairs automatically in between the games

EasySMX Wireless Game Joystick Controller

This EasySMX game controller is said to be universally compatible as it can pair with android tv, android/IOS phones, Switch devices, Apple tv, windows, and whatnot! This gamepad comes with five adjustable switches dual shocks, which enhances the gaming mode and also encourages the player’s curiosity to play the game. The buttons on the gamepad are designed asymmetrically and it has an anti-slippery design, of which the players will be feeling a very comfortable gaming experience. Approximately the gamepad works within the range of 33 feet and this wireless hassle-free gaming experience is worth a try for the gamers.

The attractive features of this gamepad are that it has highly sensitive and finely tuned buttons which give a very quick response on the screen and the turbo mode boosts the game speed. To increase the stability of the wireless connection, ergonomics is used to enhance the Bluetooth connectivity and range. Some customers feel that the gamepad material is made of light plastic, which is not much durable but that won’t be a big deal, as the firm offers a warranty and if broken or damaged the gamepads can be replaced or repaired within the warranty time.

                            PROS                            CONS
Ergonomics is used to increase the speedBluetooth range issue
Adjustable dual shock vibrationCalibrating the gamepad is difficult
Connects with devices instantlyVery fragile

Final thoughts

Over decades, gaming on android devices has significantly increased and as technology is upgrading gaming on android tv has proven a more comfortable and real feel to the gamers. The gamepads play a vital role and there are several brands available on the market. Before buying any gamepad, consider these three points as these make the gamepad best for android tv.

  • Good mapping software
  • Quality of the product
  • Compatibility of the product with your device.

A gamepad with all three qualities is like the rarest thing and the above-seen products are some of the best-selling android gamepads in the market.


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