How to post multiple pictures on Twitter android? (SOLVED)


Have you ever seen tweets with many photos on Twitter at once? Yes, this is happening as the technology has advanced, and nowadays not only Twitter, almost every other social networking application support posting multiple images at once. To enhance the user experience, Twitter has brought up the latest updates in the image features while tweeting, and in this article, we shall be guiding you on how to post multiple pictures on Twitter mobile. Let’s get started!

How to post multiple pictures on Twitter android?

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The latest update in Twitter for images is that you can post multiple images in a single tweet, which lets the followers get the bigger picture in one place. The maximum number of pictures that can be tweeted at a time is four and lets the users expand and see the photos individually. These pictures will be displayed even if the tweet gets retweeted or embedded to another site. Source

In other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, multiple pictures can be posted as albums and layouts respectively. Whereas twitter allows the user to tweet multiple images as collages.

To post multiple pictures in one tweet as a collage, these steps must be followed.

Note. Remember to have the Twitter app on your android to make these steps work.

Step1: Click the compose icon “+” to create a new tweet.

Step 2: Click on the “Photos” icon (the two mountains and a moon icon) and choose the first image of your collage from your phone memory and click done.

Step 3: From the left bottom select the photos icon again, and select up to three additional photos, which you need to tweet.

Step 4: You can change the order of images in your collage and describe the pictures in the comments section.

Step 5: Click tweet and the pictures will be posted in a tweet.

To upload these pictures on Twitter, there are some specific requirements with the size of the images that you tweet.

All file formats won’t be supported in the Twitter photos section and animated GIF files cannot be added to the photos section when we decide to post many images at a time.

  • Photos should be up to a maximum of 5 MB;
  • JPEG and PNG formats are only accepted for images;
  • The photo will be automatically resized for the expanded tweet.

NOTE: To retweet, all the four pictures select the “RT” option, by which all four images will be retweeted with extra pictures.

How to add multiple pictures on Twitter reply?

Not only you can post multiple images in your tweet, but you also have the access to reply with multiple photos. To reply to tweets with multiple photos, here are the steps to follow.

Step1: Select the tweet.

Step2:From your left bottom, click on the two mountains and a moon icon (photos),

Step3: Select the photos which you need to add to the reply tweet.

Step 4: You are allowed to attach up to 4 photos in your reply tweet.

Step 5: From the right end corner, tap add.

Step 6: Add the reply content.

Step 7: Finally, tweet your reply from your android device.

Why is Twitter cropping my picture? 

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In the initial days, Twitter used to crop pictures and this was big trouble for all the Twitter users. Twitter used to set an aspect ratio to post the picture and according to which many pictures were not able to be uploaded properly and completely. 

This cropping style was also mentioned as a Twitter crop. Initially, this started working on aspect ratios, then using AI image detection. This was a complete annoyance as it would automatically crop in people’s faces and other important features in the image.

From the latest update of Twitter, in march month of 2021, the company has improvised the image-sharing experiences for users. The Twitter crop is completely removed and its the best part of posting profile pictures on Twitter now. The latest update gives you a preview before posting the image and resolves all the past issues of posting pictures.

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Posting images to Twitter also has additional picture-editing parts like color filters, add extra brightness to the pictures, and resizing the pictures. These options are enabled on our android devices and even the web platform of Twitter doesn’t support these options.

The number of pictures posted in a tweet on Twitter is limited to four. Keeping this in mind, start posting multiple pictures on twitter android from now on!

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