How to change song info on android? (Step-by-step)


We generally store a large collection of songs on our android phone, and one day we would have surely thought of editing the information on the set of songs that we listen to very often. Have you ever wondered how to change song info on android and then stopped it halfway since you were clueless? Well, this is where you can use an app to update the tags of the song.

Once we customize it, the tags will display on the media player and it becomes easier to use. Our android phones don’t support any default app to customize song information. So, you need to be cautious about the app you use! Let’s get started.

How do I edit the metadata of a song? 

To change the information in any song, the first step is to edit the metadata of the song.

Metadata is a set of data, which explains the song and is mainly used for identifying the song. For example, metadata will be explaining the title of the song, singer, track length, or what genre does the song falls under. It also helps to register a song and get it licensed.

As we have seen metadata plays a vital role in any song, we can also edit and change the data in the metadata of a song. Editing metadata is mainly done to keep all the songs well organized. In some cases, removing metadata of a song will make sense as the data of the song will be completely irrelevant and misleading.

You need an app to edit the metadata as the Android platform doesn’t have an inbuilt app to do it. This is probably the best solution to your question on how to change song info on android.

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How to edit music tags on android?

We usually edit the tags of a song, because we download most of the songs from the internet and the sources may mislead from the song. This is mainly because of the tags missing in the song.

Using apps from the play store we can edit the strings of the metadata attached to the songs. 

Let’s discuss how to edit the music tags on android using the two best apps from the play store.

Steps to edit music tags on android using Automatic tag editor

Step 1: Download and install Automatic tag editor from google play store

Step 2: As you launch the app, you can see the songs available on your phone. 

Step 3: Select the song, for which you need to edit the tag, and tap on the manual edit option. We have other options which automatically find the tags online.

Step 4: As we tap on the manual edit option, we have the options to edit title, artist name, genre, lyrics, composer, the cover image of the song, etc.

Step 5: Tap on the tick mark, which will be on the right end of your device and tags will be changed.

how to edit music tags on android

Steps to edit music tags on android using Star music tag editor

Step 1:Download and install the Star music tag editor app from the play store. 

Step 2: As you launch the app, select the song in which u need to edit the tags.

Step 3: Similar to automatic tag editor, star music also allows to edit tags manually and gives automatic suggestions from the internet.

Step 4: Tap on the manual edit option, to edit title, artist name, genre, lyrics, composer, the cover image of the song, etc

Step 5: Tap on the save option to change the tags.


Less is more! When you have just two apps in hand to get your job done effectively, why search for more? Our step-by-step guide would have helped you to edit the song info on android.

Going forward, do not forget to use our tips to sort your playlist better!

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