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Why did my Kindle highlights disappear

Why Did My Kindle Highlights Disappear (Quick FIX)

One of the best things about reading an ebook on Kindle is the option to take notes or highlight important text. I've...
Does Kindle Battery Drain In Sleep Mode

Does Kindle Battery Drain In Sleep Mode (TRUTH Revealed!)

The biggest headache with managing your Kindle is knowing how long the battery would sustain and the basic understanding of its technology....
why is my kindle not receiving emails

Why Is My Kindle Not Receiving Emails (Complete Guide)

Most of us think that Kindle is limited to reading. But, there's more to it that we should explore. During the initial...
My Kindle Is Stuck On Waking Up

My Kindle Is Stuck On Waking Up (Quick Fix)

The first screen you see when you use Kindle is the waking-up screen. I personally feel that this screen has more to...
why is my kindle cloud reader not working

Why Is My Kindle Cloud Reader Not Working? (Quick FIX)

Reading books on Kindle cloud reader is a fabulous experience but some issues need proper troubleshooting and can leave you worried. One...
do kindle chargers wear out

Do Kindle Chargers Wear Out (7 Ways To Extend Lifespan)

I've been using Kindle for over 5 years, and I've changed 2 chargers so far. The main reason was to ensure that...
How To Copy And Paste On Kindle Paperwhite

How To Copy And Paste On Kindle Paperwhite (+ Cool Tricks)

When you read books on Kindle, there are quotes and sayings that can blow your mind and might want you to save...
why is kindle in safe mode

Why Is Kindle In Safe Mode (FIXED!)

Kindle has different modes to set based on the user type. If you've kids at home, you must be extra careful about...
why will kindle only download samples

Why Will Kindle Only Download Samples (Instant FIX Revealed)

As a Kindle user, it's common to encounter a problem with samples and full text. During my first few months of using...
why is my kindle book blank

Why Is My Kindle Book Blank (Instant FIX)

As a regular user of Kindle, I should admit that it can throw some sudden surprises and leave you paranoid. During my...